bauernhof1In the neighboring village Vrsine is the family’s farm. The traditional way the ham is still smoked over a fire or cultivated vegetables in your own garden. In the cellar, olive oil and wine is aged in large barrels. In the background you can hear clucking chickens and dogs barking. If fish are sold in the village square to quickly gather some neighbors - even to hold a chat. Hardly a tourist gets lost in this simple idyll in which time seems a bit slower to pass.

bauernhoffarm already the 30-minute walk after Vrsine is like a trip back in time. An old stone houses and donkeys grazing by the road leading into the farming village where some people still live as subsistence farmers on small farms.

Among the olive trees and vines, you can relax here from stressful city life - and the Dalmatian cuisine to meet: With the organic products from the farm you can conjure up great meals in your apartment. When hiking in the olive groves or the surrounding mountains you will except the farmers hardly meet someone. For this you can enjoy great views of the surrounding islands.

bauernhof3We offer fresh vegetables and fruits, cold-pressed olive oil, red wine, white wine and dried figs. Have a look at our full range.

When you visit us between November and December, guests can watch the olive harvest.