reiseAgain and again visitors ask us how they are best expressed to us. Therefore, we have compiled the possible itineraries here. As before, most visitors arrive by car, but the Split airport is only 20 minutes away. Due to the favorable offers of German Wings also affordable for the budget conscious.

We are happy to accept the transfer from Split airport to our holiday apartments in Poljica. Talk to us about it!

Most visitors travel by private car to Croatia. Thanks to the newly developed motorways that is possible from Frankfurt within twelve hours.

The aircraft is the fastest and most comfortable means of travel here. The coastal towns in Croatia are reachable from Germany within one hour. German Wings offers direct flights to Split. From the airport Poljica can be reached in 20 minutes by car. Cheaper flights - for example with Ryanair - there to Zadar. From Zadar you can take the intercity bus after Poljica.

Very convenient to travel by night train, which runs daily from Munich to Zagreb. The nine hour drive you can put back while sleeping car or couchette. From Zagreb you can continue with either train or intercity bus to Split. The last part of the way you can travel from Split by bus, which stops right in Poljica.

Several companies offer tours directly in the Croatian towns along the coast. This is one of the cheaper ways to Croatia to come - if not the fastest and most comfortable. Information about travel plans and travel opportunities from the larger German cities there are, for example, in Euro Lines. From Split there are buses that stop right in Poljica.

Ferries to Croatia there from various Italian ports. The crossing to Split is a private holiday experience that is very worthwhile. Ferries and catamarans there from Venice, Ancona, Pescara and Bari. In Split you can take directly from the port of a bus to Poljica.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about your arrival.